Della's K9 Connection is a Mobile Dog Training business that is located in Dunmore, Alberta. I offer premium, private dog training that addresses your dog's specific obedience and behavioral issues using balanced training methods. I specialize in In-Home Dog Training and travel around Southern Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan with my home base being in Dunmore, Alberta.

I am here to Help Both Ends of the Leash!  Let me be your guide to the wonderful world of a well behaved dogs.  You will learn to appreciate your dog better and start a new chapter in your relationship together.  All of my classes are available as private in-home training and now group classes with Social Distancing measures being put into place. 


Dog Training Method

Reward and management based training is the most effective and easiest approach to teaching your dog and ensuring they are eager to learn!


Offering group and private lessons, play groups, Be A Tree Program, Therapy Team Evaluation and Training, and much more.

DK9C Team

Della Burkitt, Owner and Mobile Dog Trainer. Dog training shouldn't be complicated and most importantly it should be fun for you AND your dog.

"Wow Della is amazing.  In one short hour she showed us the tools we needed to get our 3 yr old small dog to walk on a  loose leash and how to get her under control when she barks at every person or dog that goes by our house or in her path on a walk.  We now have much more confidence and way less frustrations.  Thank you for your excellent guidance and enthusiasm for us to succeed with our goals."


Puppies are the most susceptible to training from the age of 8 weeks to 16 weeks! Be proactive and take advantage of this precious time period!

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