Della's K9 Connection is a Mobile Dog Training business that is located in Dunmore, Alberta. I offer premium, private dog training that addresses your dog's specific obedience and behavioral issues through positive reinforcement techniques. I specialize in Mobile In-Home Dog Training and travel to Dunmore, Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Irvine, Schuler, Seven Persons, Elkwater, Ralston, Brooks, Richmound, and Maple Creek.

I am here to Help Both Ends of the Leash!  Let me be your guide to the wonderful world of a well behaved dog.  You will learn to appreciate your dog better and start a new chapter in your relationship together.  All of my classes are available as private/at-home classes, in the office, or in your neighborhood.

Lets Talk about COVID-19

First and foremost, I would like to say that I am open and will continue my services as a mobile dog trainer for this great community.

Secondly, My mission is to help improve my business with new fully detailed cleaning procedures as this will allow my clients and my family to remain happy, healthy, and safe.

One example of how I am going to implement this is by taking showers between clients to ensure that I am doing my personal best not to contribute in the carry or spread of this or any other virus. I believe this step is worth it and your worth it as my client!

Thirdly, I am not an expert on the specifics of COVID 19 however I am a firm believer on becoming educated with information that is out there from reliable source.

These are the main sites that I visit regularly and I urge you to check them out:



Last but Not least,
Calm is Key! 

Just think about it, if your freaking out about this virus, your dog can sense that and he/she may start behaving differently such as pacing, whining, barking, ... and no one wants that.

Again Calm is Key. 

     At Your Home                                                                                In Office                                                                       Public Location


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Dog Training that helps Both Ends fo the Leash

Dog training shouldn't be complicated and most importantly it should be fun for you AND your dog.  DK9C  uses balanced positive reinforcement techniques to teach your dog to listen to commands and stop bad behaviors.  I believe that a dog/owner communication is important so we utilize training methods that encourage total engagement form you and your four legged companion.

Della's K9 Connection

207 Eagle Butte Avenue, Dunmore, Alberta

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Della's K9 Connection
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