Proof is in the Pudding

Come Meet Myself and My pup Trip on our Adventures around Cypress County and Medicine Hat!


Della's K9 Connection is a Mobile Dog Training business that is located in Dunmore, Alberta. With over 20 year experience, I am an accomplished dog trainer that specializes in training those who see their dogs as family members by using positive reinforcement methods to achieve the perfect pet for your home. I specialize in Mobile In-Home Dog Training and travel to Dunmore, Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Irvine, Schuler, Seven Persons, Elkwater, Ralston, Brooks, Richmound, and Maple Creek.


With this in mind I always recommend that you start training the second your new puppy or dog comes home! This way there is no mixed signals about what your dog or puppy is and isn't allowed to do!

Della's here to help!

Della Burkitt: Certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator, Licensed Presenter of Be A Tree Safety Program, Canine Therapy Team Evaluator through Pet Partners, Professional Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT), APDT Professional Member and C.L.A.S.S. Instructor, Top Dogs Dunbar Academy Member, Gas City Dog Club Member, Leerburg University, and a Medical Office Assistant with Veterinary Specialties.

Just like humans, dogs speak their own language. Everything they do is for a reason. When they live with us, we often fail to understand or misinterpret their actions. This is not because you are a bad dog owner but simply unknowing. That's when we run into problems, resulting in unwanted and negative behavior from both ends of the leash.

Some of Our Graduates!


Our Annual German Shepherd Walk



Della's K9 Connection

207 Eagle Butte Avenue, Dunmore, Alberta

T1B 0K2


Della's K9 Connection
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