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Thank you Southern Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan area for the years of service.

I have been blessed to be a part of your and your pups journey. We have made the decision to close shop.  As of February 28, Della's K9 Connection has closed our doors. This was a decision that was not taken lightly but is needed.

To sum up eight years would be to say that there is dogs and owners of all spectrums and here is my last piece of advice:

  • start teaching rules the second you bring a dog/puppy home

  • too much space left for unsupervised puppy equals surprises on your floor

  • be consistent, dogs/puppies will thrive

  • it's okay for your dog not to want to play with others, stop forcing them

  • have your dog leashed in leashed areas

  • before you rescue do your homework on the breed and stop adopting simply because you feel bad for the dog

  • it's okay to say No to your dog, but remember to immediately tell your dog What you want them to do, if they do it then remember to praise

  • stop letting your kids kiss, crawl on, drag around by the tail, your dog, bites have ranged from red marks to surgery, why play Russian roulette with your children?

  • stop making it your dogs job to teach your kids to leave them alone, that's your job to teach both how to act with eachother

  • it's okay to say No to someone who thinks they can touch your dog

  • YAYABA - You Are Your Animals Best Advocate

  • a well socialized dog is a dog that will be okay is any socializing situation

  • catch your dog being good rather then focusing on the negative

  • puppies should be in our visual 100% of the time and if you cant watch put them in a controlled environment such as a play yard or kennel

  • clean up after your animal while on walks

  • crates are a wonderful thing

  • work with your dog to insure they have a reliable recall, this takes time and patience

  • Any dog training tool can cause harm if used incorrectly

  • train your small dog as if they weighted 150 lbs

  • and last have fun with your dog, make training fun!

Thanks for all your support and your loyalty. 


Della Burkitt

Della's K9 Connection

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