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My name is Della Burkitt and I am a Wife and Mother of 4 children. I am the owner and Certified Dog Trainer/Instructor for Della's K9 Connection.  I started training professionally back in 2015 and am celebrating 6 years of helping our surrounding community.  My teaching style is to teach you how to train your dog with every member of your family!  Education and hands on approach is the key AND to have fun.  



My philosophy and mission is to help both ends of the leash! My job and goal is to create balance in you and your dogs life while enjoy training.  Taking out the confusion and making training very clear for both you and your dog.


Training like this sets up the dogs for success and can show you that it's possible.  I pride myself on offering coaching and classes that are fun and real world practical for both you and your dog. Being a mother of 4 the importance of proper Safety for your children and your dogs is my #1 priority! Having raised multiple dogs with my children I can tell you that being a BE A TREE presentation should be taught in every home and every school! My methods are simple without over complicating training for you or the dog. 


This is where my slogan comes from "Helping Both Ends of the Leash" I believe wholeheartedly that when there is a problem or if something is not right there is 2 sides of the leash to look at!


I am always upgrading my education and experiences with canines.  These include but not limited to: Certified Dog Bite Prevention Educator, Licensed Presenter of Be A Tree Safety Program, Canine Therapy Team Evaluator through Pet Partners, Professional Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT), APDT Professional Member and C.L.A.S.S. Instructor, Top Dogs Dunbar Academy Member, German Shepherds of Dunmore and Area founder, Leerburg University, and a Medical Office Assistant with Veterinary Specialties and occasionally a dog walker!

Being a responsible DK9C Member is to understand that training doesn't end after a Welcome Home Puppy or after Loyal Canine class; training lasts a lifetime!


I can promise you with patient, understanding, education and consistency you and your dog will be forever changed!