Advanced Canine

Group and Private Classes   Spring/Fall Season

Are you ready to take training to a new level? Upon completing our Loyal Canine program, you can take it one step further by challenging your dog in Advance Canine!

Advance Canine is a 5 week, second-level, obedience training curriculum that works towards complete off-leash control and challenges your dog to respond to you under heightened circumstances. The successful completion of basic command training is required, as the training is an extension of previously taught commands and techniques. The program adds greater distance and time intervals; extends the use of hand signals and voice cues; and incorporates challenging exercises that will allow you to work towards complete, off-leash control of your dog.

Dogs need to do more than just respond to commands given in a quiet room or on a neighborhood street with minimal distractions. They need to be trained to become reliable enough to respond to commands given under heightened situations; such as in a crowded room, on a busy street, at an off-leash dog park, etc. This is why in this program we place great emphasis on "distraction proofing" your dog.

Our interactive, group classes take place outdoors, at different weekly locations. Training is done on busy streets, trails, pet stores, parks, etc.  This exposes the dog to ample amounts of mental and physical stimulation in the form of noise, scent, and visual distractions, within dynamic environments. The classes allow you to train your dog with other dogs and handlers being with in the same area while ignoring outside distractions. Class sizes are small, between 4 dogs, to ensure a productive learning environment with plenty of personalized attention. The classes take place once a week, for 5 weeks, and are approximately 1 hour in length.

Topics Covered includes: 

  • Everything in Loyal Canine with basic training

  • Exclusive Hand signals and/or Voice commands for Sit, Down (Puppy Push-ups) and Stand

  • Learn Left and Right Turns

  • Distance training for Stays up to 10 feet away for 1 to 3 minutes

  • Recall from 10 to 30 Meters away

  • Hide and Seek Recall

  • Out of Sight Stay Command with Sit, Down, and Stand with increased time and distance


Private In Home Packages - Assessment Included $30 Value

  • Initial Consultation and Training: $90.00 -  1 hour training session after assessment

  • Half a day Consultation: $210.00 - 3 hours of training with Assessment

  • 3 Weekly Lessons $170.00 - Assessment Included

  • 5 Weekly Lessons $280.00 - Assessment Included

  • 10 Weekly Lessons $550.00 - Assessment Included

  • Additional Lesson After 3, 5, 10 Sessions: $60.00

5 Week Group Class: $180.00

Travel Fee's:

Local $20/Trip up to 20 KM from Office in Dunmore, AB

After 20KM (per Trip) = $0.50/KM

Payment options include E transfers and Square (credit card processing fees will apply).  There are no refunds.

Note: $50 Savings off prices if you have taken Loyal Canine

Testing is done during Initial Consultation!

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