Be A Tree Program

The Be a Tree program is a dog bite prevention seminar program for school-age children. This program focuses on fun and interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and how to act safely around both their own dog and strange dogs.

The Be a Tree program is supported by a teacher kit that presenters use to ensure a consistent and accurate presentation. The program and the kit have been developed and reviewed by experts and are designed for use by classroom teachers and presenters. 

Half of all kids are bitten by a dog by the time they are 12 years old.   A good percentage of these bites are from a dog the child knows.  join our growing list of Be a Tree Presenters and help educate your local community

The program is designed to be delivered either through a computer, laptop or projector or through posters and interactive activities.

Half of All Children are Bitten by a Dog by Age 12!
“Dog attacks are the number one public health problem of children, with more than half of children bitten by age 12” -  Dr. Dan Simpson, spokesperson for the Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association. Dog bites are not just a normal part of childhood; they are traumatic and largely preventable. In Canada more than 470,000 people are bitten by dogs each year, and the United States the figure is 10-times higher.

According to Health Canada and the American Veterinary Medical Association, the majority of the victims are children, the most common bite site is the face and most of the biters are family pets belonging to the victim, a friend, neighbour or relative. Experts agree that education can play a strong role in reducing dog bite risk to children.
You Can Help Children be Doggone Smart
Doggone Safe is a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention education. With offices in the US and Canada and a growing team of dog bite prevention educators, Doggone Safe offers your business an opportunity to partner with a local presenter to bring the fun and innovative “Be a Tree” dog bite prevention education program to school children in your area.
The “Be a Tree” program uses large format photos of real dogs, activities and interactive games to teach children to read dog body language and to be a tree (stand still) if a strange dog approaches or any dog is too frisky or is bothering them. The program is described in more detail in an attachment to this letter.
Further information and testimonials can be found at the Doggone Safe website (

Community Safety Star Program
 “Adopt a Classroom” for Dog Bite Prevention Education 
Your business can adopt a classroom and provide funds to allow the Be a Tree program to be delivered to
children in your area.
Adopt-a-Classroom Program
“The Best Educational Package I Have Seen…”
"Hats off to the best educational package I have seen in years and a great public service that goes a long way to getting the message out about dog bite prevention and working toward eliminating dog bites to our children." 
Lisa Grey - Canine Behavior Consultant and Specialist; Bite Prevention Educator with BCSPCA (former); Senior Trainer - Canines with a Cause; Senior Instructor - Adolescents at Risk and Canines Ontario; Owner Natural Bond Canine Consultants, Ontario, Canada
“As a Canine Behavior Consultant and Special Education Teacher, I am very impressed with the Be a Tree program. This fun and interactive program involves kids every step of the way as they learn the tools to make safe choices around familiar and unfamiliar dogs. The Be a Tree teacher's kit comes with beautiful clear poster-sized photos that are helpful for teaching children and adults alike.” 
Jennifer Shryock, Canine Behavior Consultant, Creator of Dogs & Storks Workshop, Cary, North Carolina
Your Business and Community Can Benefit
• The Adopt-a-Classroom program is a socially responsible way to keep your business and brand in front of families.
• The program brings your business to the attention of new customers and promotes customer retention.
• Your logo and information will be printed on the nationally recognized I’m Safe and Doggone Safe educational materials received by each child in the program.
• Your business will be publicly recognized for your sponsorship and participation.
• You will receive a sponsor recognition certificate for display.
• This program will benefit the community by teaching children, and by extension their families, how to read dog body language and be safe around dogs. 
• This will reduce the bite risk for children and hopefully also reduce the number of dogs surrendered to shelters or euthanized for behaviour problems.
• Each school will receive an article with dog bite prevention tips that thanks your company for its sponsorship of the Be a Tree program in the school.

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