Being a mother of 4 with dogs in my home safety was and is my Number 1 priority! 

Canine and Kidz Safety Program

Five mistakes you are too good to make with your family dog!


This is my #1 Cringe worthy phrase! Different Prospective: Could you ever imagine bragging that your child will “put up with ANYTHING the kids do to them on the playground? NOT A CHANCE! Ask yourself do you want your family’s pup to see your kids like the bullies on the playground? Just because your dog “tolerates it does it mean he should?

2) Stopping your dog from growling!

All dogs have a breaking point.  Yes, even yours and it is nothing to feel bad about!

Not only is this normal, it’s sometimes even life-saving!

We as parents  all know that when you have kids, a bite could be your worst nightmare so wouldn’t it be awesome to have a built in warning system!

3) Supervising your kids and dogs

Just being in the same room with your child and dog simply won’t cut it and definitely not with a cell phone in hand (we are ALL guilty of this one sometimes)

Kids and Dogs do not come knowing how to interact with on another, you have to TEACH TEACH TEACH and to be fair most parent do try! The problem is that al the focus is on the dog instead of training the kids too!

4) Being the “ALPHA”

YEP! This one is an epic fail especially if you have kids!

#1 WHY?

Scientist David Mech, the guys who coined the “Being the Alpha” phrase, after decades of studying wolf behavior he says that’s not how it works with wolves – let alone domestic dogs, and it time to throw the whole “Alpha” thing out.

#2 What do people mean by ALPHA?

Intimidation and this was very old school way of thinking!  Do it or else type of training!


 Dogs do know the difference between adults and kids.  They can’t get away with it with you however they will try it with your children!


 Let one swear word out and you’ll be hearing if from your kids for a month and the same goes with how you treat your dog. They’ll be mimicking you and now we are back to #3!

5) Going to the Gym

There is no way around it, exercise is a MUST!

It’s actually pretty crazy to think you can take your dog on a 15 minute walk In the morning and then expect him to be a “good dog” and do NOTHING for the remaining 23 hours and 24 minutes of the day.

If you don’t help him get out that energy in a positive way you can bet he will do it himself in plenty of ways you DON’T!


Hi there, my name is Della Burkitt and I am the owner and trainer of Della's K9 Connections.  My safety program is geared towards children 6 years to seniors!  We go through 

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