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Is your dog, “That Dog” that pulls you toward everything? This is the class for you! This is to help both ends of the leash learn the proper tools to help you and your dog gain the confidence to keep control in and around your neighborhood.

Pro-Active: you learn how to recognize canine communication coming from your dog and how to stop the unwanted behavior before it starts.

Impulse Control: You learn how to break up foundation skills to suit your dogs learning ability and to match it with your teaching ability to get the results you want.  That is right, I teach you how to train your dog!

Our Role:  You learn what role you play in your dogs’ behavior and how to change your approach to help to clearly communicate to your dog.

Keeping Control: you will learn how to gain and keep control in those tough situations where your dog stops listening to you


4 - 5 Week Course


Minimum of 2 dogs and Max of 4 dogs and located at DK9C and keeping social distancing procedures in mind all classes will be outside in our half acre area!

Please Note: This is a class with multiple dogs and some dogs may become over stimulated. We will explore other options with your about private training.

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