German Shepherds of Dunmore and Area is a Facebook group that I started for people who have one thing in common!  The love for German Shepherds! I put this group together so that we can all have a place to share our photos, advice, stories, and questions.  

For anyone who owns, has owned or would like to own a German Shepherd dog (Pure AND Mixed). Everyone is welcome, whatever color, size or coat your German Shepherd has. We are not interested in whether you dog is pedigree or not, we just want to share our photos and love of the breed with other like-minded people!

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German Shepherds of Dunmore and Area are proud to announce that the 7th Annual German Shepherd Walk!
Spring is among us and what a great way to kick it off by having a meet and greet and a wonderful walk with this wonderful breed of dog!
Over the past 6 years our pack walk has been amazing as we had over 75+ German Shepherds register from all over Alberta and hope to continue and make this an every year tradition! I will be taking my two dogs down to the off leash area and would love to invite you to come join us!



Echo Dale Off Leash Area

Any German Shepherd (Pure or Mixed) and their wonderful owners!

It is to show that this beautiful breed is friendly, smart, and loads of fun! This is a walk for all ages of GSD's but keep in mind that there are intact males and females.

If you wish to attend that would be awesome! We are so excited to meet with you and your German Shepherd all you need to do is sign up.



We are pleased to announce that each German Shepherd that is signed up for the walk will get their own goodie bag full of great info and stuff for your dogs :) We have done these in the past and have been very successful! One per owner!

Please sign up via email to:

Subject Line: GSD Walk 2020

We will need your name, your dogs name, how old, if they are UTD on shots, and if they have any allergies.

There will be some simple guide lines for you to follow:

*You must have control of your dog at all times and we don't permit fighting or aggression, that is not what this walk or group is about

*Clean up after your beautiful animal

*Have a great time meeting other GSD owners

*THIS IS 100% FUN WALK! If your looking for some help with training your dog please visit my web-page and make an appointment. Thank you!


If your interested in joining our Facebook group that started these walks :

If you have any questions Please phone Della from Della's K9 Connection @ 403-977-7009

Here is some great photos of previous walks!

Why I created this German Shepherd Group!

I created this group and have been asked about the tan Shepherd in the middle as they haven't seen anything about this dog on the group.
Her name was Sheba.

I walked into our SPCA and saw this tan shepherd sitting there. I looked at her, she looked at me and it was love at first sight! I phoned my husband right away to come meet her and he said we don't need a dog. To my surprise he had already seen her and had an application on her within the first 10 minutes she was out. I went home upset thinking about life and our family. I have always had dogs either 2 or more! I have always said that dogs are good for the head and heart! The next day I rushed to the SPCA to meet this shepherd again and to take her for a walk. The lady at the front desk told me that she had an application in progress and she will be going to her new home tomorrow around lunch time. I was torn. I knew this dog was to be mine and because my husband said no, I didn't put an application on her! The next day I was at home having coffee with my girlfriend and my husband pulled up with this shepherd in the truck. I jumped out of my chair and started crying telling my girlfriend that this is the dog I was telling her about! I ran outside as she came through the gate, we locked eyes and she ran right over and we had a big hug!

My husband rescued her for me 7 years ago when in actuality he rescued me. I have had working dogs, farm dogs, pets but she was AMAZING! I was so glad to have her come into my family’s life! She was my perfect German shepherd! She was perfect in every way, temperament of an angel but also loyal to me. She was always quick to act and get me up and going when I needed it. She was the best dog I had ever owned!
She passed away 5 years ago due to rapid cancer in her hind leg. It came on so fast that just the other night she was mouthing her hind leg. There was no swelling or anything but it was completely out of her character. I phoned the vet to get her is and the appointment was for the next day. I woke up the next morning to find her whole hind leg swollen and she didn't look right! My husband took her to the vets as I took the kids to school and I got the phone call. I rushed to the vets as fast as I could. I walked in to the room and judging by my husband’s face and the vets it was not looking good. Sadly the cancer was already in her other hip and was working on her other leg. She was such a great dog I even asked the vet about surgery to remove her back leg but the vet showed me the cancer and how much it had spread. I made the tough choice to put her to sleep so she would be in no more pain. The following month I broke down and was not myself at all. I didn't want to leave my house and my depression got worse. The house started to show and my family also knew something was up. 5 years ago my husband pulls up from work and gets out of his truck but looks funny. I was getting the kids to settle in the living room and as I walked around the corner I was greeted by my Ruger. I fell to my knees and cried. After I gained my composure and told the kids not to worry as they were happy tears I thanked my husband. 
4 years ago I decided to create this page to honor my Sheba and any shepherd that had touched my heart and to be able to see and hear from like-minded individuals as yourselves. So a huge thanks to you all for being a part of this great group! Here she is the gal who started this group, My Sheba! The puppy is Ruger the very first day he was at our home after Sheba passing.

Sheba Burkitt
Ruger Burkitt (Vom Asintay)
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