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Puppy Group Classes


Located at Della's K9 Connection



March 20, 27, April 3, 10 from 12 pm - 1 pm



March 24, 31, April 7, 14 from 530 pm - 630 pm


Group has a much different dynamic from In-Home.  Group allows us to explore the world of play, recall, and to be able to further training due to the other participants.


Here is a list of what we cover in Group Class:

  • Name Recognition

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Settle

  • Follow Me

  • Recall

  • Collar Grab

  • Leave It, Drop It, Take It

  • Stay/Wait (Sit and Down)

  • Stopping puppy Biting, Jumping on People

  • What proper puppy play looks like and how to gain and keep control of your puppy when there are other fluffy distractions around.

  • Question & Answer Time

Group classes are 4-6 dogs per class, depending on the class

Classes are held at Della's K9 Connection unless otherwise indicated.

Dogs must be up to date on required vaccinations.

Puppies require two series of DAP vaccinations and to have been with you a minimum of one week to attend.  Ages will vary up to 5 months old.

Group classes are one-hour long and run for four weeks.

$140.00 per Puppy

Have a dog who is older then 5 months?  Check out our Loyal Canine Program!

Jumping Clinic

Does your dog jump all over your guests when coming into your home? Does your dog jump on you when coming home? Then this workshop is for you! Understanding why dogs jump up for greeting and how to get rid of that pesky behavior!

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding why your dog is jumping and learn how to manage them and what rolls we play in that behavior

  • Learning how to first break the habit and secondly how to retrain what we what our dog to do instead of jumping


Costs: $30.00/pair (owner/s & dog) ANY BREED ANY AGE

This workshop is 1.5 hours. Printout is available with mini certificate of completion.


Date : March 18 @ 6 Pm around 12 degrees


Outdoor class, please make sure your prepared and bring your own chair. 

Max 6 Pairs

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