Loyal Canine 

5 sessions private/group package

Loyal Canine is a program for dogs 4 months and older. This is for any breed of dog. Loyal Canine is 5 sessions of classes (Private or Group) based on learning the basics with commands and working toward relationship building and becoming connected with you and your dog.  

This includes:

  • 5 sessions in total

  • basic understanding of dog behavior and what part do we play

  • basic training commands to getting and keeping your dog's attention. (sit, stand, down, and much more), 

  • how to listen to you in the presents of other dogs and people

  • patients to not run our of doors or gates

  • loose leash walking 

  • emergency commands 

  • getting your dog to come when called with ease

Group Class includes group photo with personalized certificate!

New Schedule for Group Classes are posted below!

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Della's K9 Connection