Loyal Canine 

Group and Private Lessons/Online and New Group Classes


 Loyal Canine is a 4 week, first level obedience training curriculum, offered in both Group Classes or Private Lessons.  The curriculum demonstrates how to execute useful, everyday commands, such as sit, down, stay, wait, place, come and release.

This is suitable for dogs of any age, breed, size or temperament. It's ideal for puppies 6 months or older, older dogs with minimal training, or dogs who need to refine their obedience skills.

We use positive reward based system, where your dog is taught to respond to your first command and remain on command until told to more or released from the command by way verbal cue.

Our Group Classes are not only fun and interactive, but highly informative educationally.  There are only 4 dogs per class, giving your dog the opportunity to learn, train, comply with your commands with being around other dogs and distractions.  The classes offered between May and September and take place outdoors.  

Our Private Lessons are for your particular dog and provide on on on, personalized training that helps to build a strong foundation between you and your dog.  These lessons are offered all year round and take place at your home as well as outdoors and last around 1 hour in length.


Topics Covered includes: 

  • Building Trust and Respect as a Leader

  • Learn how to implement rules and boundaries in a positive way

  • Learning to read your dog's body language and what it means

  • Teach which function different toys have and what the purpose of having multiple toys are

  • Basic Obedience Commands 

  • Preventing jumping

  • Leash Walking techniques

  • Going on outings to public places

  • Attending the off-leash area

New Schedule for Group Classes:

Start Date: September 17, 24, October 1, 8  @  7 pm - 8 pm

Location: Located at DK9C in Dunmore .  Here is the map to the training area.  DK9CMAP

Private In-Home Lessons

To register for Group or Private Loyal Canine Lessons please click HERE Register.



4 Week Group Class: $ 140.00

Dates are as follows:

  • TBA Spring 2021

  • Next class is scheduled in Spring of 2021 If you wanting on the wait list please click HERE

Located at DK9C in Dunmore .  Here is the map to the training area.  DK9CMAP

Private In Home Packages - Assessment Included $30 Value

  • Initial Consultation and Training: $90.00 -  1 hour training session after assessment

  • Half a day Consultation: $210.00 - 3 hours of training with Assessment (Total 4 Hours)

  • 3 Weekly Lessons $170.00 - Assessment Included

  • 5 Weekly Lessons $280.00 - Assessment Included

  • 10 Weekly Lessons $550.00 - Assessment Included

  • Additional Lesson After 3, 5, 10 Sessions: $60.00​

Travel for Mobile Services Fee's:

Local $20/Trip up to 20 KM from Office in Dunmore, AB

After 20KM (per Trip) = $0.50/KM





Payment options include E transfers and Square (credit card processing fees will apply).  There are no refunds.

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