Loyal Canine 

Group and Private Lessons/Online and New Group Classes

 For dogs between 6 months to senior. Each session is approximately 60 minutes. How many sessions may vary with every dog.


Loyal Canine program is a first level obedience/basic manners training curriculum. At this time only Private lessons are being conducted.  The curriculum demonstrates how to execute useful, everyday commands.


Positive household manners: keeping four paws on the floor, not jumping on guests, furniture, tables, teaching proper play with the right toys,, barking, counter surface, rushing door, prevention of separation anxiety


Manners & Safety Training:, Sit, Down, Stand, Bed or Place, Wait and Stay, and much more with practicing distance, duration, and distraction, keeping eye contact, focus, collar grab,  Impulse Control, Boundary Training, Settle Down, Training Games 

This is suitable for dogs of any age, breed, size or temperament. It's ideal for puppies 6 months or older, older dogs with minimal training, or dogs who need to refine their obedience skills.

We use positive reward based system, where your dog is taught to respond to your first command and remain on command until told to more or released from the command.

Our Private Lessons are for your particular dog and provide on on on, personalized training that helps to build a strong foundation between you and your dog.  These lessons are offered all year round and take place at your home as well as outdoors and last around 1 hour in length.

New Schedule for Group Classes:

Start Date: TBA SPRING 2021

Location: Located at DK9C in Dunmore .  Here is the map to the training area.  DK9CMAP

How many sessions for my dog?

Please keep in mind all packages include assessment.

1 Issue:  Initial Consultation and Training: $90.00 + Travel Fee's   

  • 1 hour training session after assessment 


2 to 3 Issues: 3 Weekly Lessons $170.00 + Travel Fee's

  • 1 - 1 hour session per week​ for 3 weeks


Basic Training : 5 Weekly Lessons $280.00 + Travel Fee's 

  • 1 - 1 hour session per week​ for 5 weeks

  • Perfect for basic obedience training!!!


4 to 6 Issues: 10 Weekly Lessons $550.00 + Travel Fee's

  • 1 - 1 hour session per week​ for 10 weeks​

Additional Session: $60.00​ + Travel Fee's/session



LOCAL ZONE: 20 KM from Office in Dunmore, AB  $20/Trip

FARTHER THEN LOCAL ZONE:  Traveling beyond 20 km's = ($20 + $0.50/KM)/ TRIP

Group Lesson

1 - 1 hour session per week for 4 Weeks Group Class: $ 140.00

Next class is scheduled in Spring of 2021 If you wanting on the wait list please click HERE

Located at DK9C in Dunmore .  Here is the map to the training area.  DK9CMAP


First and foremost, I would like to say that I am open and will continue my services as a dog trainer for this great community.

Secondly, My mission is to keep you at ease as my business has a full detailed cleaning procedures as this will allow my clients and my family to remain happy, healthy, and safe.  I will be minimizing the number of clients a day.  This insures that I am having minimal contact with others while keeping social distancing measures in check as I am thinking about your and my families health and safety during this time.

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