Puppy Play Time and Doggie Play Time provides cognitive, physical and social benefits for dogs and it's a great way to relieve stress in this stressful time.  All puppies and dogs need play time regardless of breed and age.  This is one part of having a well socialized dog. 

My definition of a well socialized dog is a dog who in ANY social situation and be okay with it! 


Great News!  Puppy Play time was such a hit we will be having Puppy Playtime and DOGGIE Play time!

Puppy Play Time Dates: For Puppies from 12 weeks (Must have  2nd set of shots) to 6 months old    

8 Total Play Sessions MAX 6 Puppies

DATES/TIMES:  TBA Spring of 2021

Doggie Play Time Dates:  For dogs 6 Months to Senior

8 Total Play Sessions

DATES/TIMES:  TBA Spring of 2021

Punch card System

8 Sessions for $70 or $10 per session

Please keep in mind this is not for behavioral problems.  Please make an appointment for an assessment.  

All dogs should be dog and human friendly!  This is not a suggestion but a rule!

With social distancing in mind, play time will be held every Wednesday and Friday starting September 16.  All play sessions are outside and are Weather Permitting!

Puppy Play Time


First and foremost, I would like to say that I am open and will continue my services as a dog trainer for this great community.

Secondly, My mission is to keep you at ease as my business has a full detailed cleaning procedures as this will allow my clients and my family to remain happy, healthy, and safe.  I will be minimizing the number of clients a day.  This insures that I am having minimal contact with others while keeping social distancing measures in check as I am thinking about your and my families health and safety during this time.

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