Welcome Home Puppy

Private In Home and Online Packages Available

Puppies 8-24 weeks old and for every member of your household!

This class is $280 for 5 sessions + Travel Fee's.  Positive Methods getting positive results!


Does COVID have your house looking

like this? 

Puppies love movement and this can 

lead to those puppy nips everyone 


Who is this program for?

You, your family (kids included) and your


How do I teach?

I teach you how to train your puppy through play using positive training methods.  Training can be fun and we want your puppy to love to learn!

Subjects Covered

Household Manners

Potty training, chewing, barking, prevention of separation anxiety, crate training, resource guarding


Manners & Safety Training

Puppy Obedience Training, Manners, Impulse Control, Biting, Jumping, Boundary Training, Settle Down, Training Games 

This program is a great opportunity for you to become a proactive dog owner and teach your puppy to be an outstanding member of your family.

Timing is key at this age! The first few months of a puppies life are the most crucial for learning as they soak up training like a sponge in water.  My job is to train you to train your puppy and show you how it can be fun and interactive as this introduces trust and respect.  

Length and Cost of Package

5 Weekly Lessons =  1 - 1 hour session per week​ for 5 weeks

$280.00 + Travel Fee's - Assessment Included in First Session

Additional Lesson After: $60.00​ + Travel Fee's



LOCAL ZONE: 20 KM from Office in Dunmore, AB  $20/Trip

FARTHER THEN LOCAL ZONE:  Traveling beyond 20 km's = ($20 + $0.50/KM)/ TRIP

Please Enjoy these 2 FREE Books!

These two books are great IF you want to get a puppy or if you already HAVE a puppy!

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First and foremost, I would like to say that I am open and will continue my services as a dog trainer for this great community.

Secondly, My mission is to keep you at ease as my business has a full detailed cleaning procedures as this will allow my clients and my family to remain happy, healthy, and safe.  I will be minimizing the number of clients a day.  This insures that I am having minimal contact with others while keeping social distancing measures in check as I am thinking about your and my families health and safety during this time.

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