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Training Services

 Helping Both Ends of the Leash

Below is where you will find DK9C services.  These services are for companion dogs, therapy dogs/teams, and family dogs with/without kids in the household!



For Puppies Ages 8 weeks to 6 Months 

Welcome Home Puppy Training consists of lessons that provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary in raising a happy, well-mannered puppy.


Training includes housebreaking, crate training, leash walking, leadership training, socialization, and more.

It is time to invest in your and your puppies future!




For Dogs Ages 6 Months to Senior

Loyal Canine is a 5 week dog educational program that provides essential obedience training for the family dog.  You will learn to execute useful, everyday commands to which your dog will reliably respond.  We teach you to train your dog!


What a great stepping stone from Welcome Home Puppy or your newest addition to your home!

WORKSHOPS                                    (Spring/Summer/Fall)


Jumping Clinic

Understanding why dogs jump up for greeting and how to get rid of that pesky behavior!


Kids and Dogs Clinic

Kids and dogs class is designed to help the bond between your child and their new found fur friend, teaching boundaries and fun training tools along the way. This class is designed for kids to be the main handlers, with adult supervision close by.


This program focuses on fun and interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and how to act safely around both their own dog and strange dogs.



DK9C is very excited to start this next chapter for Della's K9 Connection with Therapy Dog classes and evaluations!  It has been a great privilege to learn from like minded trainers/evaluators.    

Are you wanting to become a Pet Therapy Team?

Are you wanting evaluations completed at your facility?

Are you wanting to help spread the love that you have for your canine and help others?

If you are wanting more in-depth information please click the button below. 

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