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See what other people have to say about Della's K9 Connection

"Della has been a huge help!  So knowledgeable, very friendly and efficient.  Can't thank you enough Della for bringing peace and quite into our home!"

Kaitlin G.

"Della was excellent with my 9 month old gsd and myself in our series of 1:1 lessons.  Provided individual solutions and answered all my concerns."

Laurel S.

"Wow Della is amazing.  In one short hour she showed us the tools we needed to get our 3 yr old small dog to walk on a  loose leash and how to get her under control when she barks at every person or dog that goes by our house or in her path on a walk.  We now have much more confidence and way less frustrations.  Thank you for your excellent guidance and enthusiasm for us to succeed with our goals."

Rhonda B.

"Della is great!  We had one private appointment wit her and she's already helped us so much.  She is very knowledgeable and everything she taught us is very practical and easy to implement.  We will be using her services again and I highly recommend her if you have struggled with any training techniques."

Jami M.

"Della is an incredible trainer!  I recommend her to anyone I know!  She is patient and kind and even though as dog owners, we make mistakes, she does not make you feel bad about yourself as a dog parent about them.  I truly appreciated that since I am always harder on myself.  She is very supportive and you can tell she absolutely loves what he does."

Bi Anca

"It was so great to spend an hour with Della.  She was so helpful in showing us new ways to engage and educate our dog.  We really appreciate the knowledge and can't wait to put it to use.  Thank you Della."

Kaila C.


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