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More Information On DK9C Workshops


Jumping Clinic

Does your dog jump all over your guests when coming into your home? Does your dog jump on you when coming home? Then this workshop is for you! Understanding why dogs jump up for greeting and how to get rid of that pesky behavior!

Topics Covered:

  • Teaching manners at the door and greeting new people

  • Understanding jumping behaviors and learn how to deal with them

  • Teaching place and understanding how it works

  • What to do when company comes over if they do not like dogs .....and more!!!

Costs: $30.00/person with dog OR $10.00 each per spectator

This workshop is 1 hour. 

Date : TBA

Kids and Dogs Clinic

Raising kids and dogs can be a challenge! Full of ups and downs, with moments of frustration and discouragement. Kids and dogs class is designed to help the bond between your child and their new found fur friend, teaching boundaries and fun training tools along the way.

This class is designed for kids to be the main handlers, with adult supervision close by.

Class format:


  • Training kids for basic puppy information such as: keeping kids items off the floor for puppies to chew on, bedroom door must be closed and be like a tree program.

  • Teaching kids how to pet and approach a dog properly

  • Games at the end of every class such as musical chairs with their dogs, puppy kisses and so much more.

  • All classes are with the dog and child.

  • This class is a 1 1/2 hour training class with a 10 minutes break (for potty for the dogs)

  • Class size is limited to 6 dogs.

 Cost for this 1 1/2 hour training class is $45.00

Date : TBA

Boy with Pug Puppy
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